Metro League

Metro League is Brisbane’s premier social competitive volleyball competition. 2021 Metro League will be held at Cornubia Park Sports Centre on Monday evenings and the air-conditioned Nissan Arena and The Sports Centre, Boondall on Tuesday evenings.

Volleyball Queensland is proud to announce that 2021 Metro League Season 2 has capacity for 60 teams.

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2021 Metro League Season 1

GRAND FINALS DRAW (V3) – the sports centre, boondall

2021 Metro League Season 2

Dates: 20 April – 15 June 2021 (Nissan Arena) / 26 April – 21 June 2021 (Cornubia Park Sports Centre) / 4 May – 22 June 2021 (The Sports Centre, Boondall)
Divisions: Division 1 (Nissan Arena) Division 1 / Division 2 / U19 (Cornubia Park Sports Centre) U19 / U17 / U15 (The Sports Centre, Boondall)
Price – Nissan Arena^: $85 per team per week (Division 1) / $765 per team per season (Division 1)
Price – Cornubia Park Sports Centre^: $85 per team per week (Division 1 and Division 2) / $680 per team per season (Division 1 and Division 2) / $75 per team per week (U19) / $600 per team per season (U19)
Price – The Sports Centre, Boondall^: $75 per team per week (U19, U17 and U15) / $600 per team per season (U19, U17 and U15)
Venues: Cornubia Park Sports Centre, 146 Bryants Road, Shailer Park / Nissan Arena, 590 Mains Road, Nathan / The Sports Centre, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 1 Melaleuca Drive, Boondall
Membership: All participants must be current financial members of VQ

^All teams will be required to pay for the first 2 weeks with entry.

draw (rd 1) – nissan arena

nominate – cornubia park sports centre

nominate – the sports centre, boondall

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For further information, please contact our Club Services Coordinator.

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