2023 Accreditation Framework Updates

Starting January 1st 2023, the following Level 2 Refereeing Accreditations will undergo the changes as listed below:

Existing accreditation periods and expiry dates will remain the same for Coaches and Referees who are currently Level 2 or Level 3 Candidates. The new 4-year accreditation period for “Associate” Accreditation will only apply to accreditations attained from 1 January 2023.

Renewal of Accreditations under the updated framework:

  • Changes to the Coach/Referee accreditation renewal policy will also take place in 2023.
  • Coaches and Referees will be able to renew their accreditations using the previous process for the first 6 months of 2023. From 1 July 2023 any expired accreditations will have to undergo the new renewal.

Details of the updated renewal process and all other accreditation process are detailed in the updated Volleyball Australia Coach Accreditation Framework and Volleyball Australia Referee Accreditation Framework.

NEW Online Accreditation Management System:

VA Accreditation Portal

Volleyball Australia are launching a NEW Online Accreditation Management System on January 17th 2022 using the Revolutionise (RevSport) platform.

This will include NEW Level 1 Coach and Referee Courses which will be available from January 17th 2022.

Volleyball Australia will send an email via the Revsport Portal to all coaches and referees in the first week of the new system going live to inform them of the switch to the RevSport System with instructions on how to register, check their accreditation information in their account, as well as all information on how accreditation will be managed from January 17th 2022.

The NEW System will be the only source of accreditation registration, upgrade and renewal from now on and will replace the Volleyball Queensland online forms used to date.

With the NEW System in place, accreditation is the sole responsibility of individuals. To check accreditation status, enroll in courses, submit paperwork for accreditation upgrade or renew accreditation, individuals will need to log in and use the NEW Online Accreditation Management System (RevSport system). The accreditation certificates will be on the portal and can be downloaded by individuals directly.

Please note that Volleyball Queensland does NOT keep records of individuals’ paperwork on file and this is the sole responsibility of the individual.
Accreditation Key Information:

Referees are accredited though the Volleyball Australia national accreditation system, which includes four levels of accreditation:

  • Level 1 Referee
  • Level 2 Referee
  • Level 3 Referee
  • Level 4 Referee

Gaining Accreditation:

To achieve each level of accreditation individuals must complete the relevant requirements. All requirements for all levels of refereeing accreditation can be found on the Volleyball Australia website – http://www.volleyballaustralia.org.au/page/referee-education-development

Upcoming Opportunities:

There are refereeing opportunities at a local, state and national level throughout the year. Please check the UPCOMING REFEREE OPPORTUNITIES tab below for a list.

Refereeing Resources:

New Rules:

With new FIVB rules officially released, we have posted on the referee resources page the new rules and a document highlighting the changes for both beach and indoor. VA will be adopting the new rules from January 1 2022, except for in any event by-laws that may be necessary.

VARC are updating the L2 Referee courses to reflect the new rules. It is planned that the new L2 PowerPoint, that will include the presenter notes will be released at the beginning of February. The updated L2 coaching course PowerPoint will also be released at the same time. We have confirmed that no states are running any L2 course in January.

Rules Modifications 2022-2024

General Information:

Volleyball Queensland is invested in the development of volleyball referees throughout Queensland.

Any qualified referees looking to buy the new national referee shirts can buy them directly from Volleyball Australia.

Level 1 Referee Course

This online referee course is designed to provide high school teachers and athletes a foundation in volleyball refereeing. A Level 1 referee accreditation is the minimum requirement for participants of National Schools Cup.

Price: $49.50
Pre-requisites: Participants must be at least 12 years old to be eligible for this accreditation.
: Nationally recognised Level 1 accreditation and certificate.

Please note, prior to undertaking this course, participants (including teachers) must complete the following online modules:

Register and access the online course through Volleyball Australia’s Accreditation Portal.

VA Accreditation Portal

If you experience technical difficulties or are unable to access the course please call Volleyball Australia on (02) 6108 4556.

Level 2 Referee Course

This face-to-face, half day (4hrs) refereeing course is designed to provide volleyball enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of refereeing. Volleyball Queensland can organise an in-person Level 2 Referee Course for your group, club, school, or community group. This course contains the theory component of a Level 2 upgrade. A minimum of ten participants is required for this course.

To register for the Level 2 referee course, applicants must use their account on the Volleyball Australia Accreditation Portal hosted by Revolutionise Sport. All applicants who have a Level 1 accreditation will have an account. If you are having problems signing in or accessing your account, please contact education@vq.org.au.

Price: $80.00


  • Participants must have a current Volleyball Australia Level 1 Referee Accreditation.
  • Participants must be at least 14 years old to be eligible for this accreditation.
  • Participants must be a current member of Volleyball Queensland.
  • Prior to undertaking this course, all participants and non-accredited teachers will need to complete the Community Officiating General Principles Course
  • Please note, prior to undertaking this course, participants (including teachers) must complete the following online modules:

* PBTR modules expire after 2 years, so check if your Play by the Rules certificate completed for Level 1 is current. If not, you will need to complete the modules again as they are updated regularly

Please register below to be informed about any upcoming Level 2 courses.

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Accredited Presenters

Following the introduction of VA’s new Level 2 Referee Course, which has both indoor and beach elements, VQ will need trained presenters.


  • Attend the QLD training presenter clinic conducted via ZOOM.
  • Complete the new presenter, assessor and mentor training modules as part of Sport Aus’ new online Education platform (available from February 2022)

Only trained presenters are eligible to run L2 refereeing courses with VQs prior approval.

Eligibility: Current Level 3 and Level 4 referees are eligible to express their interest to participate in the presenter clinics.

Upcoming Refereeing Courses

Volleyball Queensland will conduct courses from time to time or can organise a course for clubs, schools, or community groups. Generally a minimum of ten participants is required for this course. For further information, please contact our Education and Participation Coordinator

Next Course – TBC

Please register below to be informed about any upcoming Level 2 courses.

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In-House Courses

If you are a club or a school and would like to run an in-house L2 refereeing course (4h) for your members/students you can make a request though the below online form.


  • must have at least 10 participants
  • must be approved by VQ
  • must be run by an approved presenter (supplied by VQ)


For further information contact VQ.

For more information about the accreditation process, please refer to Volleyball Australia’s Referee Education and Development website.

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