Membership is required annually, to participate in Volleyball Queensland and Volleyball Australia sanctioned events. Membership is based on calendar year and is valid from the date of application until 31 March of the following year.

Most VQ members are also members of an Affiliated Club, however, some events such as the Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour and Schools Cups do not require you to be a member of a club.

Once you have registered with an affiliated club you are with that club until you apply for a release (from that club).

Recent Changes

Increase in membership fees for 2024
New online system for Membership (new and renewals) – Majestri
Introduction of Transfer Windows for 2024

Membership Levels
Please read the below information regarding the different membership levels, inclusions, and fees.

Member Level List of Competitions Pertaining to Membership Level Price Upgrade Fee Insurance Coverage Level
Full Volleyball Australia Sanctioned Competitions
National Leagues (e.g., AVSL)
State League (e.g., PVL, JPVL)
National Youth and Junior Championships (e.g., AYVC, AJVC & AJBVC)
Australian Beach Volleyball Tour (ABVT)
Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour (QBVT) – Premier and Open only
National Schools Cup (e.g., AVSC)
And includes competitions in the Recreational section
$66 Tier 1
Recreational Events run by Affiliated Associations
Queensland State Championships
Queensland Country Championships
Queensland Schools Cups
Metro League
Spiker Sports Leagues
Development Camps
Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour (QBVT) – Challenger, Aspiring, U17, U15
$33 $33 upgrade to Full Tier 2
SpikeZone Queensland Primary Schools Cup,
Spikezone (not indoor 6-a-side)
$0 Tier 3
Non Playing Coach, Referee, Administrator, Committee Member, Team Manager, Parent, Volunteer etc $0 Tier 3
Release / Transfer Not required for first release / transfer of the year $33

You can apply for a new membership or renew your membership here. The below button will take you to a form where you will be asked for your details, club, required membership level (table above), and pay the required amount using a credit or debit card.

2024 Membership

On-line Application

VQ is using a new system for 2024 called Majestri.

*PLEASE NOTEIf you are under 18 years old, you will need a parent or guardian to set up an account as a primary contact.


Submission of this form does not mean immediate VQ membership. Some applications can take up to 5 days.

Premier Volleyball League (PVL):
Memberships must be renewed before midnight on Wednesday to be eligible to play in the weekend matches.
Two transfer windows will be available for PVL players – applications and approvals must fall within these two windows.
01 Jan – 5pm 11 March 2024
29 April – 9pm 10 May 2024

Batch membership templates for clubs and schools are available in the VQ Membership Resources section below.

Changing clubs?

You may apply to change, on a permanent basis, from one club to another, from your club to no club, or from no club to a club, through a club release or transfer.

Please note:
1. These changes are subject to approval from all parties involved.
2. A photo or scanned identification, in .png or .jpg format is required for this application.
3. To transfer or be released from a club, you must be a VQ member.
4. Transfers do invoke a fee (see above) but the first one of the year for each member is free.

Transfer Windows

This year VQ has introduced transfer windows which will restrict the ability to obtain a release to three (3) periods.
01 Jan to 5pm 11 Mar 2024
29 Apr to 9pm 10 May 2024
25 Aug to end of year 2024

This has been targeted at PVL players, but to implement it VQ will close the form for everyone.  If non PVL transfers are required outside the transfer period please contact VQ (Membership)

Club Release / Transfer

Want to play with a different club for just one tournament?

You may apply to your club for a clearance to play with a different club for the length of a match or tournament.
This is only required when the tournament is club based such as: State Champs and Country Champs.

Please note:
1. These changes are subject to approval from all parties involved.
2. To transfer or be released from a club, you must be a VQ member.

At this time the only way to apply for a VQ Player Clearance is through the word or pdf form which you can download and are available in the VQ Membership Resources section below.

Membership Notes
  • All VQ memberships are to be registered with appropriate payment, annually.
  • Tournament memberships maybe offered and are only applicable for a single QBVT (beach) event.

For further information contact VQ.

Player Personal Injury Insurance

Personal Injury Insurance is designed to offer some peace of mind to members, participants and volunteers of an organisation by having protection for certain costs related to an injury sustained whilst involved in an insured’s activity.


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