VQ membership is required, annually, to participate in VQ and VA sanctioned events. Membership is based on the calendar year and is valid from the date of application until 31 March of the following year.

Most VQ members are also members of an Affiliated Club however, some events such as QBVT and Schools Cups do not require you to be a member of a club.

Once you have registered with an affiliated club you are with that club until you apply for a release from that club.

2020 Membership

Membership Application

Tip: For mobile phone users please complete the form landscape mode.

PVL: Memberships, and approved transfers, for PVL must be renewed before midnight each Wednesday before weekend matches.

Note: For Beach Tour Tournament memberships, please visit the QBVT page of the website.

Need to change your club?

You may apply to change from one club to another, from your club to no club, or from no club to a club, through a club release or transfer.

Please note:
1. These changes are subject to approval from all parties involved.
2. A photo or scanned identification, in the form of .png or .jpg is needed for this application.
3. To transfer or be released from a club, you must be a VQ member.
4. Transfers are limited to one per year. Subsequent transfers are permitted at an additional cost.

Club Release / Transfer

Alternative word-processing based forms for Membership and Club release/transfer, plus batch membership templates, are available in the VQ Membership Resources section below.

Membership Levels

Please read the below information regarding the different membership levels, inclusions, and fees.

Full Volleyball Australia Sanctioned Competitions
National Leagues (eg AVL)
State League (eg PVL)
National Junior Championships (eg AJVC & AJBVC)
National Beach Volleyball Series (NBVS)
Qld Beach Volleyball Tour – Premier and Open only
National Schools Cup (eg AVSC)
All competitions in the Recreational section
Adult $75
U19* $35
Recreational Events run by Affiliated Associations
Queensland Country Championships
Queensland State Championships
Queensland Schools Cups
Metro League
Spiker Sports Leagues
Qld Beach Volleyball Tour – Challenger, Aspiring, U17, U19
Adult $40 $40 upgrade to Full
U19* $20 $20 upgrade to Full
Tournament QBVT single event only
(Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour)
Adult $25 $55 Upgrade to Full
SpikeZone Queensland Primary Schools Cup,
Spikezone (not indoor 6-a-side)
Non Playing Coach, Referee, Administrator,Committee Member, Team Manager, Parent, Volunteer etc $0
Release / Transfer Not required for first release/transfer of the year $33
Membership Notes

For further information contact VQ.

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