VQ Board of Management
Ex-Officio, VQ General Manager, Gary O’Donnell

President Boris Georgieff
Vice President Vicky Andrews
Treasurer Russell Egan
Board Member Adam Pollock
Board Member Todd Rankin
Board Member Kristan Conlon
Board Member Sharon Hinton
Judiciary/Tribunal Panel Members
Volleyball Queensland (VQ) has a limited number of panel members for a standing committee to investigate Judiciary/Tribunal matters.

Panel members need to be current members of VQ (non-financial option available) and should familiarise themselves with VQ’s Complaints Handling Procedure and VA’s Member Protection Policy.

If you would like more information about being a member of the panel, please contact VQ’s General Manager.

VQ Schools Sub-Committee
Chair Roy Bruynius
VQ Board Representative Adam Pollock
Committee Member Domnic Aguiar
Committee Member Ben Booth
Committee Member David Ethell
Committee Member Shannon McCartney
Committee Member Rudi Scheel

Ex-Officio, VQ General Manager, Gary O’Donnell

Last updated 13 March 2024

Queensland Volleyball Referees Commission

Terms of reference

Chair Jaek Passier
Committee Member Leanne Wisley
Committee Member Michele Herbert
Committee Member Chris Kelly
Committee Member David Li
Committee Member Linda Ribinsky

Last updated 16 May 2024

Queensland Beach Volleyball Committee

Terms of reference

VQ Board Representative Boris Georgieff
VQ Board Representative Vicky Andrews
Committee Member Angela Gaviglio
Committee Member Trent Clarke

Ex-Officio, VQ Operations Manager, Damien Searle

Last updated 13 March 2024

Strategic Plan

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