Blue Card Working with Children Check

Last updated: May 2022

In Queensland, a working with children check, also known as a Blue Card, is required for any person who provides services to, or conducts activities with children – that is, a person under the age of 18.

The Queensland Government’s Blue Card Services manages the system and facilitates application lodgement; card renewal; fee collection, if applicable; card holder detail changes; and card and/or replacement card issue. The Blue Card Services website has extensive information on the Blue Card system.

No individual can apply for, or retain, a Blue Card if they are or become ineligible. Should a card holder become ineligible by committing a disqualifying offence, they must advise their employer organisation and not continue to provide services to children.

All Blue Cards have a three year period of currency. Should they change, cardholders must update their details within 14 days with Blue Card Services.

All organisations which provide volleyball services in Queensland, whether they are clubs; associations; commercial centres; or coaching service providers, such as coaching, matches, and camps to children, are responsible for ensuring their staff (volunteer or paid) hold a current Blue Card which is linked to their organisation.

For persons resident in other states or territories who provide services to, or conduct activities, with children in Queensland such as coaching, officiating, and competition management, a working with children check from their home location is not recognised in Queensland. These individuals or organisations will need to look into applying for and obtaining Blue Cards before commencing their service or activity.

Volleyball Queensland is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all participants involved in the sport, particularly children, as reflected in the organisation’s Child Safety Policy.

For any Volleyball Queensland service or activity that involves children (a person under the age of 18), Volleyball Queensland requires all service providers, volunteers, and employees to hold a current Blue Card which is linked to the organisation. For clarity, this includes but is not limited to all: coaches, managers, referees, officials, venue managers, court supervisors, chief referees, venue setup crew, photographers and sports medicine providers.

Types of Blue Card

There are three different types of Blue Card available which are broadly categorised as:

Volunteer Card
To be applied when the work undertaken is not for financial reward. Note, payment that is a reimbursement for an out of pocket expense is not considered financial reward.

Examples: a volunteer coach, a coach’s assistant of a junior sporting team, or a volunteer member of a board/committee for a community organisation which provides regulated activities for children.

Paid Card
To be applied when the work undertaken is for a financial reward.

Examples: a referee or umpire engaged to regularly adjudicate at junior games, or an official at a sporting event.

Exemption Card
To be applied to any Queensland registered teachers and sworn police officers who are working in a job which does not relate to their professional role as a teacher or police officer.

Linked Blue Cards
For Blue Card holders who undertake work with multiple organisations, you only need to have one current Blue Card however, the card must be linked to each organisation.

For example, a coach at school and at a club would need to be linked to both organisations. There are two ways for an organisation to link a Blue Card holder:

  • If the organisation has access to the Organisation Portal, the organisation can affect the link using the employee’s Blue Card number and card holders date of birth.
  • If the organisation has not been granted access to the Organisation Portal, a proforma is to be used.
Blue Card Quick Access Links

The following links will take you to the relevant section of the Blue Card Services website. If you hold a card currently having it with you may assist you in managing the process. How you use some aspects of the system will be based on when you obtained your card or whether you have used the online system which came into effect on 31 August 2020.

For more information visit the Blue Card Services website.

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