QLD Beach Volleyball Tour

The Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour (QBVT) is the highest level of beach volleyball in the state, providing a competitive environment for QLD’s elite and developing athletes. Hosted by a range of venues reaching from the Gold Coast to North Queensland, the Tour showcases the sport to audiences across Queensland.

2018/19 QBVT

Date: October 2018 – March 2019
Divisions: Various*
Price: Various^
Venues: Various
Membership: Athletes competing in Open/Premier divisions must be current full members of VQ. Athletes competing in Challenger/Junior divisions must be current recreational members. For athletes competing on an irregular basis, a Tournament membership is also a valid option.

*Divisions offered at each QBVT event vary depending on the competition format. Historically, divisions include Open, Premier, Challenger, Junior, U19, U17, and U15 with Premier, Challenger, and Junior divisions featuring most prominently.
^The price for each QBVT event is set by the respective Promoter. Entry fees typically range from $50 – $100 per team.

Calendar    Current Rankings

13 October 2018 Rnd 1: Surfers Paradise Regional
20-21 October 2018 Rnd 2: Cairns Major
27-28 October 2018 Rnd 3: Sandfest (Nambour) Regional

For further information, please contact our Events Coordinator.

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