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This page is a library of all resources that are available on the Volleyball Queensland website.




Government Funding Assistance

The following Federal and State Government Funding Grants are available for members of Queensland Junior State teams to apply (U15 and AJVC).  Please note, some eligibility restrictions do apply.


Local Sporting Champions

The Local Sporting Champions program is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for junior sportsmen and women towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing at an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed state or national sporting competition.

For more information and to apply for a grant, visit the Local Sporting Champions website.

Young Athlete Travel Subsidy

The travel subsidy will provide an allocation of funding that reflects the costs associated with competing at state, national and international competitions.  Eligible athletes and officials will be able to apply for assistance for attendance at one eligible event at each of the three tiers, once every two calendar years.
For more information and to download application forms, please visit the Queensland Government Site.



QLD State Championship Resources

State Championships By-Laws 2017

GPV Resources

2017 GPV By-Laws V1.2

Spiker Sports Somerville Resources

2018 S1 Spiker Sports Somerville Nomination Form

2018 S1 Spiker Sports Somerville Draw- Rd 4 (12/2)

2018 S1 Spiker Sports Somerville Draw- Rd 5 (19/2)            

2018 S1 Spiker Sports Somerville Draw-Rd 6 (26/2)



2017 S3 Spiker Sports Somerville Ladder - Rd 13

 Spiker Sports Somerville Rules

Junior Beach Series Resources

Spiker Sports West End Resources

2016 S1 Spiker Sports West End Nomination Form


Please note our new Facebook page is "West End Beach Volleyball"

Season 1


Tuesday Night Draw-Rd Grand Finals  (26/4)

Tuesday Night Ladder-Rd 13 



Wednesday Night Draw-Grand Finals (27/4)

Wednesday Night Ladder-Rd 14

Hire Resources

West End Hire Form

Senior Schools Cup Resources

2017 SSC Information Kit (Updated 13 June 2017


Intermediate Schools Cup Resources

2017 ISC Information Kit (updated 09.03.2017)

2017 Nominating Instructions

2017 Checklist

Junior Schools Cup Resources

JSC Nomination Information Kit

Beach Schools Cup Resources

2018 Beach Schools Cup By-Laws


Primary Schools Cup Resources

Nomination Information Kit

Spikezone Rules

Yr 6 Rules

Junior Pirates Camp Resources

2015 Nomination Form

QLD Junior Beach Representative Coaches Resources

2018 AJBVC Coaching PD

Complaints Handling Resources

VQ Complaints Handling Procedure

VQ Upcoming Events

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ABVT Finals

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