A new face for VQ

Welcome to Volleyball Queensland’s new and refreshed website.

The updated website includes: streamlined navigation, mobile compatibility, find-a-club function, and a feature home page promoting upcoming events and exciting volleyball news. Additionally, there is an abundance of smaller changes, including the structure of content, designed to improve how VQ communicates with its members and broader community.

The decision to create a new website was driven by a desire for VQ’s online presence to reflect the growth and progression of volleyball in QLD, to advance VQ’s communication methods, and an enthusiasm to improve its members’ online experience.

Boris Georgieff, President of VQ, is excited by the launch of the new website and the positive impacts this will deliver for the organisation and its members. “The overhaul of the VQ website has been welcomed by the Board as an investment not only in VQ as a brand but also the continued membership growth and expansion of events.”

He continued, “I am confident that VQ’s revamped website will reinvigorate the mission of VQ to deliver volleyball as a dynamic sport that meets the changing needs of our membership and the broader VQ community”.

We hope this new website will make your VQ experience more enjoyable and look forward to your feedback.

Photograph courtesy of Rogue Gun.

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