VQ’s Golden Jubilee Celebration Needs You

Volleyball Queensland will officially turn 50 years old next year on 14 July 2019. To celebrate our Golden Jubilee, Volleyball Queensland (VQ) is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from all interested parties in the volleyball community to help shape the celebrations to mark VQ‘s 50th anniversary.

The Golden Jubilee Organising Committee (GJOC) will be the organising committee to identify the milestones and celebrating the rich history of volleyball in Queensland through the years with a dinner and awards ceremony.

The GJOC will focus on four key areas:

  1. Heritage exhibition, archives, and memorabilia
  2. Player of each Decade in Men’s and Women’s Indoor and Beach Pairs
  3. Teams of the Half Century
  4. VQ’s Hall of Fame inaugural inductees

Following guidance from VQ’s Board of Management, the priorities of the GJOC have been identified as:

  1. Advisory board for the concept, development, and delivery of the Golden Jubilee celebrations
  2. Highlight the relevant history and events to be showcased at the event
  3. Collate and recommend recipients for the Players of each Decade, and Teams of the Half Century awards
  4. Identify and evaluate inaugural recipients for the VQ Hall of Fame

Jon Gibbs, VQ’s General Manager, said, “VQ’s Golden Jubilee celebration will be a homecoming for all past and present athletes, coaches, referees, administrators, and supporters. It will showcase our history and evolution as a sport and organisation.” He continued, “our priority is to create an event that reflects the sport and the people who have defined volleyball in Queensland since 1969”.

The GJOC will be a fixed 12 month term and members will be required to meet monthly early in the organising phase, and more frequently closer to the event date.

All interested parties are welcome to submit their EOI nomination online. Submissions have been extended and will now close at 10am, Tuesday 17 July 2018.

Photograph courtesy of Rogue Gun.

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