AVL Teams for Sydney Named

The Queensland Pirates and Buccaneers teams have been announced for the third of AVL hosted by UTSSU in Sydney this weekend, 27-28 October 2018.

The Pirates and Buccaneers met UTSSU during the first round of the 2018 AVL season which was also hosted by Volleyball Queensland (VQ). Queensland displayed a strong performance against its rivals with the Men’s Pirates, Men’s and Women’s Buccaneers teams winning both matches, and our Women’s Pirates completing the round with one win and one loss. The Queensland Buccaneers teams sit top of the ladder in the second tier, the Pirates Women’s teams sitting in second place in the top tier, and our Men’s team equal first with Canberra Heat. With the titles in such close contention, this upcoming round against UTSSU is an opportunity for the Queensland teams to claim the top of the competition table.

Volleyball Queensland will host Round 4 of the Australian Volleyball League on 03-04 November at Clayfield College and invites all spectators and supporters to purchase tickets to cheer on the teams.

Stay up-to-date with the latest team lists and results by visiting the Queensland Pirates page and by following the VQ on Facebook.

Photograph courtesy of Rogue Gun.


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